December 2007

¬†From a post at the real third world county–newly moved to new hosting and feeling… pretty much OK about it.

That’s me: staying warm n toasty and “pigging out” on Bryn Terfel while enjoying some home brewed wheat beer (yeh, yeh: from a kit ;-)).


This kinda stuff can easily carry me through New Year’s Day.


Bryn Terfel - We'll Keep a Welcome

Bryn Terfel – We’ll Keep a Welcome


Mr. Beer Whispering Wheat Weizenbier Refill Brew PackMr. Beer Whispering Wheat Weizenbier Refill Brew Pack


…of a sort.


BlueHost¬†seems to be pretty darned good. I needed help with a few issues (like getting the sql file(s) imported, since the exported files were… a tad large *heh* causing myPhpAdmin to “pharte” and hicough no end) and the guys at BlueHost were right on it.

Nice. Seems the “service economy” has some life in it yet.