Regular visitors may notice that this page looks strange. That’s because my hosting

“service” has screwed up royally.

After “upgrading” servers, suddenly! my index.php file that’s worked well for nearly two years is “overloading our CGI performance”.

Of course it is! Worked fine for nearly two years, so of course it’s “overloading” Fat(headed)Cow’s CGI performance as soon as  Fat(headed)Cow’s “Tech” crew “upgrades” servers! Of course!

Stupid, incompetent, dumbasses.

So, until I get some action, this is all there is. This is NOT thirdworldcounty.us but a different, older, “tryout” WordPress blog @ WordPress.com that I’ve had to redirect the thirdworldcunty.us domain to, for now.

Do keep this in mind: if you aconsidering hosting with Fatcow–DON’T. If you are currently hosted with Fatcow, just wait. They’ll screw your site up, too, no doubt (as they have with others, right, Diane?)

Just sayin’.