America’s problem with slavery didn’t end in 1865 at Appomattox. After that, wage slavery was still as common-or more-as before, for example. And today, we have a moral problem of gargantuan proportions as we allow the import of illegal labor in order to keep effective wages depressed.

Yep. Our porous border is a dual assault on those at the low end of the earnings curve. Offer what jobs they may have to people who will work-often doubly illegally-for less and keep the wages offered to those who manage to keep their low-paying jobs artificially depressed.

It’s been done before as “an economic tool to keep the wages of labor near subsistence levels.” Ya know, Rome?

Yet another reason to dumb down schools. What the potential serfs/slaves don’t know helps keep them from making waves…

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Running the border at Committees of Correspondence

h.t. for the Rome in Crisis article and slavery tie-in to Charles Brumbelow, commenting at Jerry Pournelle’s place. Thanks for the reminder.