h.t. to Hugh, again (Man! Get yourself a blog! Tho, admittedly, I appreciate your tips, especially recently wile I’ve been a bit swamped 🙂

Fred Reed again, this time in almost perfect complement to John Stossel’s “Stupid” schools program on 20/20 last Friday:

“I’m going to start a rickshaw factory. It’s so our kids will have a way to make a living, now that America is pulling out of the First World. Maybe I’ll put an iPod socket on the poles or a little tiny television, made in Japan. That way our puzzled offspring won’t inadvertently start thinking. Tradition provides an anchor in the circumambient chaos.

See, what’s going to happen is, all the design work and programming are going to Mumbai, except the part that already has. Manufacturing is pretty much in China already, Mexicans do all the scutwork, and blacks work for the government or not at all, or both at once. That leaves whites as midlevel bureaucrats supervising each other. Thing is, whites are getting so they can’t read either, so they’ll need rickshaws to pull, in case the Chinese engineers want to go somewhere.

It’s over, I tell you. The United Steak has turned into a mess of pale-faced bushmen mumbling in pidgin English, the young anyway, with Orientals as missionaries trying to civilize us. Yes, friends and neighbors! Ain’t it exciting? All the professors in America of anything practical are already Chinese or Indian. Or getting that way fast.”

Read the rest. (Surely no regular reader of this blog is a part of the nearly 40% 60% of adult Americans who are subliterate… )

Reading America the riot act at Conservative Cat (get that sheepskin, Ferdy! 🙂 and TMH’s Bacon Bits.