Nah, it’s not quite time for a revolution-apart from a “revolution” at the ballot box. Visiting with an email bud/frequent commenter recently, he said something about voting for NOTA* in an upcoming election.

Now, wouldn’t that be a thought… what if… OK, what if somehow, someway voters could have NOTA printed underneath every set of candidates? Would NOTA be elected to a majority in Congress? How about State legislatures and governorships?

Ahhh, quit dreaming.


I’ve been reading The Founders Constitution, recently. A good intro to the book might be the Continental Congress, Declaration and Resolves of October, 1774-nearly two years before the Declaration of Independence.

Washington D.C. is looking and acting a lot more like King George, the more the Democrapic Socialists and their Republican’t lap dogs heap their endless intrusive laws on their subjects’ heads…

But don’t listen to me. I’m being ruined by reading the Founders’ thoughts and comparing them to what our feddle gummint has become.

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*NOTA=None of the Above, of course…

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