Seriously. I found an old container of yogurt that had been shoved to the back of the fridge today. “Sell by” date was September 4, 05. Ate it. Couldn’t taste anything different about it.

That’s the problem with yogurt. It starts out as already spoiled milk, so it’s apparently the same old or new…

At least it’s easier to tell when an anti-war peacenik democrap “war hero” is spoiled. Yeh, right from the start. Apparently John Murtha may have pulled the same phony Purple Heart dodges that Jean Fraud sKerry did.

They oughta take it on a tour. “Looky here! I’m a war hero (as ref my neatly self-censored “records”) and I’m against the war in Iraq!” from John “I’ll release my records Real Soon Now” Kerry and “Looky here! I’m a war hero (as ref my Purple Hearts not even my congressman would try to help me get) and I’m against the war in Iraq!”

Since I’m still waiting to see the records Jean Fraud sKerry said he’d release nearly a year ago (for the very nth time), I’ll not hold my breath waiting on Murtha to back up his claims that appear to be puffed up.

Still Jean Fraud sKerry remains the poster boy for political bullshit for the 21st century (where’s the beef, John Boy?).

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