Can anyone riddle me this? Why do otherwise normally intelligent people insist on sending out superstitious chain emails? You know, the one’s that start out with some pseudo-inspirational glurge and then promise you a blessing or a curse: a blessing if you forward the thing and a curse if you don’t.

What? Does someone, somewhere, have a voodoo doll of my email address? Ooooo. That’s scary. *yawn*

Of course, some of the participants in such chains are not otherwise normally intelligent people. You know the ones. They forward the thing as an attachment. Usually starts with AOL users doing it and they forward it to other AOL users who then keep up the assinine behavior of forwarding the thing as an attachment. Nested attachments. Do I have to recreate the filter that junks every email I get that has nested attachments? Again?

OTA Wednesday.

Open Trackback Alliance

“If you use blogging software that doesn’t have “trackback” ability built in, Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pingeris an excellent resource to overcome that small problem as is Kalsey’s Simpletracks.”
Or use Haloscan‘s commenting and trackback service.