I can’t recall the last time I wasted an hour watching 20/20 (“Puff Ficto-Journalism for the Sheeple”), but this Friday, I may actually watch it, or at least tape it so I can skip the dull yappy-yappy airhead portions for something (possibly, we’ll see) a wee tad interesting by someone who’s not a complete idiot.

John Stossel is reportedly doing a segment asking “Are kids in the United States being cheated out of a quality education?”

I’m not holding my breath. While the broad strokes may actually have some validity, there’s no way Stossel’s going to have air time enough (assuming he has his data ducks in a row) to air the issue or make much of an answer to the question.

But he may at least have some information to offer, and he has a well-known POV and tendency to throw the Bullshit Flag.

May actually be worth watching. But probably not live.

Written on the blackboard (though scarcely 500 times–surely I’ve not been that bad?) at Committees of Correspondence, NIF and Jo’s Cafe’s Monday Specials.

UD: Is it a segment or the whole hour? Conflicting info. But an hour’s not enough to more than touch on the issue, anyway, but we’ll see. Comparing New Jersey students and Belgian students on a standardized test is just mean, though…


Update: In comments, Hugh weighs in with an observation I might quibble with in percentage breakdown only a small tad. A very wee tad, not substantive. And an observation concerning local SC state politics/education.

I agree that responsibility can be shared. The roughly approximate proportions are as follows: Parents: 60% (most probably more) * Administrators: 20% Legislators: 20% * Parents have the ability to vote. And, they can hold administrators feet to the fire. Alas, most parents are gutless wonders who REFUSE to take responsibility for their offspring. What I can vouch for is the statement(s) in the NewsMax item. What was written here about Gov. Sanford and SC is TRUE!