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Today’s featured blog is one that regularly dispenses a solid mix of fact-based factual posts and fact-based snarky parody, and even outright weird humor, although Bohemian Like You has never been able to actually invent anything for Where have you gone, Ronald Reagan? as weird as what actually comes from the fake liberals in the Mass Media Podpeople’s Army and the Loony Left Moonbat brigade. Still, he consistently does a great job pointing out the idiocies of the phony liberals in today’s Left in articles like, Dean: “Republicans are polluting the true meaning of Christmas with religion.” and An Embedded John Kerry Joins U.S. Soldiers for House-to-House Searches. Serious posts with a serious, straight tone like “Our Troops Must Stay” by Joe Lieberman and Washington State Democratic Party Mocks Christianity serve as both thoughtful pieces on their own merits and wonderful apposites to the snark of “Republicans are polluting th true meaning of Christmas”-type posts. (Although, since the quote sounds so authentically “Deansian” I’m not quite sure… one of the great aspects of reading WHYGRR. 🙂

Check out Where have you gone, Ronald Reagan? Always time well-spent.

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