OK, what a mishmash. 🙂

Open Post. If you know what to do, do it, and I’ll try to do a roundup later. If you don’t know aht I’m talking about, see here.

Featured blog? I mentioned over the weekend that All Things Beautiful had a significant (and very long, detailed) post “The Jihad Apocalypse” that is more than simply worth reading; it is an important read. But All Things Beautiful is also more than just one or two great posts. It is one very good post after another with exceptional posts liberally distributed among other worthwhile reads. Going in my Regular Reads section as soon as I get A Round Toit. DO drop over and spend some time. You’ll be very glad you did. But plan on spending time. It’s a very content-rich blog. Fluff? Need not apply at All Things Beautiful.

Playing catchup: I missed this exchange between Jerry Pournelle and a Marine Colonel who served as Governor of Wasit Province, Iraq. It makes a good complement to “The Jihad Apocalypse“. My very minor observation: It’s sad that they both seem to agree that exporting America’s “slacker” culture is probably one of the best long-term methods of defeating Islamic jihadism… since by the time that’s accomplished, slacker culture may have allowed the Chinese to overcome us…

Stuck on Stupid found an interesting story: WW2 Vet Awarded Medals 60 Years Later. Man! That’s worse than the line at the DMV!

Freedom Folks has a chuckle in A Jury Of Thier Peers. heh

Ar Cathouse Chat, Romeocat continues her daily Advent posts. Seasonal must-reads, IMO. Today’s post will have me searching for an appropriate mp3, again.

Guard the Borders later today will feature a tip I got in email. Gotta love sharp readers.

Oh, and have you visited iHillary recently? Lotsa good Photoshop snark. Check out the “Dr. Soros” book. *snirk* And “Donkeysaurus”? heh

Outside the blogosphere, two very different pieces of news: Seven League Boots? And Kimchi defeats asian bird flu? Finally, a use for kimchi. Wonders never cease.


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