(Open Post)

I’ve been wondering for a while if this poor guy needs therapy or some such. After all, he makes promises he doesn’t keep, makes wildly contradictory statements (and asserts they are not): lies out of one face while… lying out of his other face at the same time, so to speak. Surely some therapy would be in order.

But no, maybe all he needs is some time with friends and family, away from the pressures of work. It’s only a few weeks away. I think he ought to go home for Christmas.

(Cox and Forkum’s excellent suggestion
for a Kerry Christmas Card… Look! Lucky Hat!)

If you’re tired of this deranged pol’s mouth-flap, encourage him to go home for Christmas. Maybe he can find those records he’s promised to release stored in a box somewhere… along with his integrity, common decency and a shred of honesty.

Go home to Cambodia, John.

This has been a Free Kerry’s 180 Blogburst post. Ya want in on the thing? Drop in on Cao and pick up the info there.

Oh, and for this Open Post, I’d especially welcome any snarky comments headed Jean Fraud sKerry’s way. By now you probably know the drill. Link to this post in your own and trackback here. I’ll try to get all the tracked back posts up in an “Around and About” later.

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This is an open post… IDGAF who doesn’t like them. You worry about your little blog. I will promote mine.

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