TMH’s Bacon Bits lays out the skinny on Jean Fraud sKerry in no uncertain terms withKerry’s 180: Profiteering on Cowardice

The French-looking (yet underived) Kerry would not know a coward if he were wearing the suit of a senator from… MA. Is Sen. sKerry afraid of abiding by his promise made 303 days ago to release those records that were to be liberated via his SF-180

See the link to Cao’s Blog at “I’ll Be Home for Christmas…” (below) or at TMH’s Bacon Bits for more on this weasel.

Two Three from Freedom Folks: “Bush Tap Dances Around Illegal Immigration

I just forced myself to sit through Bush’s speech in Arizona yesterday about border control and illegal immigration. I knew I needed to. I knew it would be difficult. I knew it would be painful. Catch it again over at The Political Teen…

Yeh, half a loaf sometimes isn’t better than none…

And, “Define Nefarious Bastard Please“:

This just in: State Department churns out super weenies!

*yawn* Dog bites man, FF, dog bites man… *S*

Last, but not least, “Illegal Immigration: From My Perspective

In a recent article I quoted Mark Krikorian as saying that we truly don’t need illegal slave labor. I’d like to expand on that a little bit from my own experience.

An IMPORTANT issue contained within the larger Guard the Borders issue. READ IT!

Adam’s Blog ranks TTLB and Technoratti inTechnorati v. The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem: The Final Showdown

There’s been a lot of talk about “The Truth Laid Bear” ecosystem as it changes its rankings to make it more complex with the intention of stopping people doing unfair things that endanger the sanctity of the Bear’s rankings.

Uhm, shouldn’t “sanctity” be in scare quotes? *smirk*

Now we know why the blog’s title is The Florida Masochist:”Now bend over, this won’t hurt

Some news from the Sun-Sentinel website. Could you imagine being one of the researchers studying this?

Nope. I have a vivid imagination, but it’s just not willing to go there. “Butt why?” you ask? Find out for yourself.

Oh, and TFM is also hosting its own awards… Come Fly with me

Wizbang is having the 2005 Weblog awards. Here at TFM we’ll be having the Knucklehead awards. For the biggest and worst of 2005. Categories will include Sports&Entertainment, MSM, Politics and our judicial system to name just a few.

More power to ya bubba. “If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve” is my motto. 😉 And missing in a roundup yesterday,

Mystery solved and Case closed

For almost 13 years a mystery remained in Lantana Florida. Who killed Rita Bado and her daughter, Lisa Bado.

Romeocat, a real lady, postsMy Momma taught me not to swear“-

but I’m thinking a whole lotta four letter words right now.

When you see what brought her to this pass, you’ll want to spit… on someone’s grave. Well, at least I do.

An email correspondent at Jerry Pournelle’s place pointed out a primer on Iraq. Must-read for folks wanting to get up to speed on the history of the region, because today didn’t happen in a vaccuum, folks: Iraq: A Short History of Violence.

Also missed in yesterday’s “Around and About” was this uhm, well-crafted post from “Is It Just Me?- Self-Censorship To Continued Traffic Exchange

This post will seem vague to some – if so, ignore it. As I really appreciate your SHARING HERE, due to constraints of regulatory censorship some words will not be used to describe the ongoing activities pursued on this site to enhance traffic of those who…

Arcane enough for ya?

There’s more, of course, but I’ll either get to it later… or not.