While it’s easy to say I’m at least one of the most blessed men alive, I can never tell the story below with any eloquence. My hands still shake and yeh, I mist over a tad. Happy Anniversary to my Wonder Woman…

“The Water is Wide” is a longtime fav of mine (a guy named Roger McGuinn gives a credible performance here-warning: mp3). The tune was strong in me Oct 4-6, 1998, and glad I was for it… I didn’t sing the usual lyrics, though. I sang these (below), not because they are better poetry, but because my Wonder Woman was sleeping for those days, hooked up to a bunch of machines after three occurences of what the doctors later labeled “Sudden Cardiac Death” on Sunday October 4, 1998.


Yeh, not the best of poetry, “a poor thing but my own” as it were. Still, sharing the twenty-seventh anniversary of our wedding day on Thanksgiving Day this year is nice-something bordering on the miraculous-and I always think these words and tune at this time of year… well, and other times of the year as well.

Twenty-seven years, and we very nearly didn’t make it together to twenty. Each year since then has been a double blessing.

Yeh, I have more to be thankful for than most every year about this time. Some aren’t as fortunate. I especially feel strongly for those who have lost a loved one about this time of year. I was almost you. And someday, I may be you. But until then, I hold her hand; she holds my heart.

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