THE Quote of the Day is from Jo’s Cafe referring to the flap about N.Z. Bear’s arcane and idiosyncratic ranking system, “spam” filtration, etc. Jo hits the nail on the head and then clenches it tight with:

“What is most important is who you are and does your blog reflect you and are YOU comfortable with who comes and reads. I spent all this month dealing with diabetes as much as I could. Did everyone read the posts? Probably not, but then again, I have received some wonderful e-mails from folks thanking me for a particular post. When I get those, I don’t care if the ecosystem even is out there.

I end by saying — Thank you to all those that do stop by here, even if it’s to scroll down past recent posts to find the SOTD and do a trackback.

I read 99.9% of all the trackbacks btw—isn’t that why we do them really?”

Amen. Preach on sister!