Yeh, yeh: big stinking deal.

I think perhaps I under-react. heh Don Surber has some interesting observations. (I commented with a conflation of two memes. heh. Mind like a steel trap. Rusted a bit… )

Conservative Cat has typically apt comment and points to a few others’ posts, as well.

Dan Riehl hasthe best-possibly the definitive-roundup of comments and resources I’ve seen. Plan on spending some time clicking through and absorbing the thoughts of others.

My take (unscrambling the conflated memes)? OSM~great plan for making $$:

* Step one: Steal underpants
* Step two: ????????????
* Step three: Profit.

OK, maybe it’s a tad more involved. From all indications so far, step 2 apparently involves lots of infighting, appropriating someone else’s registered “trademark” (or “service mark”) and all other kindsa sophomoric stunts.

It’s the wave of the future, kiddies.

Linked at TMH’s Bacon Bits, The Busniess of America is Business