So what should I think? I post every week about the Anti-Civilization Libertine Union and do all I can in support of Stop the ACLU. But when I host an open trackback post, who does Kender put on his list of Open Trackback Parties at the Stop the ACLU site?

Everybody but me.

Kender hates me. I guess that put me on the side of the angels.



(One of the voices in my head that blogs at a site that uncovers deep, dark conspiracies clued me in on this one… )

OK, Kender, Jay, cut it out, already! I haven’t had so many comments so fast in a looooong time. Leave some electrons for the WinXP fishies. (Kender: Gee, guess some guys can’t see tongue-in-cheeck when they’re on cold meds… 😉 Jay: not your fault. I always blame Kender. Just cos Kender likes it. *LOL*)