Free Kerry’s 180 Blogburst and Open Trackbacks Tuesday? Sweet! And be sure to check out all the news from Jay at Stop the ACLU, ‘K?


You know the drill: put a link to this post in a post of your own and trackback.

BTW, I’ve had several folks email me for the hack that let’s Haloscan show trackbacks on my front page. For that, I must thank Basil, of Basil’s Blog and The Alliance of Free Blogs.  BTW, that last link? To Basil’s tutorial on doing the hack. [See below.]

Have fun modding your templates, Blogger/Haloscan users! You’ll need to mod Basil’s hack, depending on your template, to get it to fit well, but it’s not that hard, and kinda fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

Edit: Oops. You noticed I forgot to put the link in for the hack, eh? (Yeh, thanks for the e-. You know who you are. :-). Here ’tis: Basil’s Hack. There. Happy now? heh

Nice little storm last night here in America’s Third World County. Looks like I’ll be in and out (as well as in and out—heh) today, since my broadband is wonky, electricity is blinking in and out (thank heavens for good UPSes!), and even my phone line’s a little “scratchy”.

It’s what “America’s Third World County” is about, folks. Gotta love it.

Meanwhile… Linked at NIF (who’s still on Monday—hope it’s not the sniffles or worse!), MacStansbury (who’s pushing The Bonfire of the Anonymity’s—what’s with the apostrophe, anyway?—and The Alliance of the Annonymous. Can I join? And if so, do you need my name? heh), and at Don Surber (where he has some potentially good news for schools). 

See my sidebar for other blogs with open trackbacks today (or just visit MacStansbury, Don Surber and NIF, why don’t you?).