Update: Anti-Christian Rampage by 2,000 Muslims

I have come to realize Islam is a good religion, it is a good way of life.”-Harry Reid, asshat senator from Neon City

The world is divided into two spheres, Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb. The latter, the Land of Warfare, is a country belonging to infidels which has not been subdued by Islam.“-from Why I Am Not A Muslim, by Ibn Warraq

News Flash! Islamics hate little old ladies!

…And all other men, women and children who do not bend the knee to their moon god.

Yeh, yeh: Dog bites man. *yawn* Old news. And usual disclaimers abound: “Not all Muslims are savage butchers, mutilators-of-women, rapists and goat lovers. (But those who aren’t are unlikely to even speak out against those who are, and their silence consents to the savagry.)”

The latest?

Al-Qaeda calls Queen an ‘enemy of Islam’

AL-QAEDA has threatened the Queen by naming her as “one of the severest enemies of Islam” in a video message to justify the July bombings in London.

Gee. What took them so long?

Frankly, unless Muslims begin rising up en masse worldwide (there is some small hope) to condemn and openly harrass, pursue, capture and execute the murdering lying savage pigs that comprise Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups, I’m perfectly willing to lump all who have not openly and honestly condemned terrorism in with the terrorists.

Oh, and that includes the denizens of Demoncrappic Underpants, Moooove-on.orgy, most of the Mass Media Podpeople and every other Loony Left Moonbat and Academia Nut around.

Update: do note Dan Kauffman’s post, Intifada of Eurabia Day 17:

“The violence in France, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany appears to have spread to Greece…”

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