I had supposed someone might ask about the sperm whale in my sidebar by now…

Well, I had noticed a number of bloggers (GM Roper comes readily to mind) who have taken to placing images of animals that’re in their TTLB Ecosystem “evolutionary ranking” somewhere near their TTLB listing. GM, of course, chose an African Elephant in full dudgeon.

Given my own political persuasions and the state of both the major parties (as well as all the minor pitty-patty parties-heh), I couldn’t find a large mammal that’d suit and evoke association with my own political leanings.

Oh, let me clarify something: as disappointing as some of the current administration’s acts have been, I still actively support the Bush administration. (Heck, I support the Blunt administration-admittedly sometimes with embarrassment-in my home state.) And given the fact that the Democrats want to drive the country off a precipice at 90mph (and accelerating!), the fact that Republican politicians prefer to head off the same precipice at a more sedate 45mph almost always wins my vote. Reluctantly, in many cases.

You see, I am really a classical Liberal Conservative. I believe in conserving the values that the Founders and Framers held, as much as is possible, and, even more, in restoring those that have been neglected, actively harmed or simply lost. Vales like teue freedom of speech and press , not some vague, anything goes (or not, according to the tastes of the ruling elite) “freedom of expression”-no, I’d like the words of the First Amendment to mean something concrete. You know, rather like it did to the Founders and Framers of this (onetime?) republic.

I’d like to see the Republic restored. Yes, a choking off and weeding out of Federal fingers in every pie (I almost wrote, “every eye” cos it sure seems like feebs are poking anyone they want… anywhere they want-The Martha Rule, ya know. Anarcho-tyranny).

I’d very much like to see less licensing by various governments of activities the Constitution assures us are Rights. (A “right” that is licensed is no longer a right. It has become a priviledge which can be taken away at the edict of a government bureaucrat.)

I’d like to see the concepts of freedom and liberty once more associated with responsibility and duty.

I’d like to see charity no longer dispensed by the government to those that government bureaucrats and politicians must keep down on the welfare plantation in order to justify jobs and power. Better charity were given freely, too, than via coercion at the end of a gun barrel. (Just try to defy the IRS to the end, and that’s what it comes down to.) Robbery is robbery, whether the robber paints himself as a Robin Hood or a welfare politician/bureaucrat.

I’d like to see those who say they believe and uphold and serve to protect the Constitution… do so.

The group of those who are serious about that task does not seem to include a number of politicians-of either major party-to make one good fist.

So, I’m a sperm whale, not a raging bull elephant or a jackass (or, possibly with Billary, a hinny ass).