It’s Thursday, which means Stop the ACLU Blogburst, of course.
But I already posted on that (my wish for a Christmas present for the U.S.A. with Jay’s 10-point hit list below the fold), so here’s a brief list of articles/posts I’ve found interesting this week. Some have come to my attention via the 20 trackbacks in my inaugural Open Trackback Alliance post yesterday. I hope to discover some more great reads when I host another Open Trackback Alliance open trackback fest tomorrow, along with Stray Dog and Those Bastards!

So, to things that’ve caught my eye:

All the posts in my inaugural Open Trackback Alliance post yesterday, of course. Especially the geeky news from NIF that MSI is adding the Creative Audigy2 sound chipset to its motherboards—well, some of them. Creative’s patches aren’t my all-around favs for producing/playing back midi (that TWC nod goes to Roland), but the Audigy2 chipset/patches are quite good. Nice.
On L’affaire Plame, see The CIA Disinformation Campaign,  Powerline’s “The Three Years of the Condor“, and  Joseph Wilson IV: The French Connection. (Kinda makes one wonder if France is getting all it deserves… yet.) Someone(s) really need to wonder very, very loudly why Fitzgerald didn’t press Plame and Wilson for testimony. Surely they’d have some inside—and pertinent—info, eh? Since Wilson’s a known—and proven—liar it seems that make for some easy indictments for something or other.
This point/counterpoint mini-debate on the FairTax vs. the Flat Tax proposals is a must-read intro for anyone who wants to get a grasp on that debate. I’m strongly on the “strike down the 16th amendment and institute the Fair Tax” side of the argument, but you need to get a handle on this crucial issue, cos taxes are at the point where they are a National Security issue. Seriously. Dig into it for an understanding.
While you’re at, check out, “Don’t know much about history,” “Facing the facts” (read down a few ‘graphs) and “Ammunition for poverty pimps“.
ALWAYS stop in at Stop the ACLU on Thurdsays, at the very least. And while you’re there, check out

Well, there’s certainly a lot more out there, guys n dolls (including France Burns; Chirac sends the kiddies to their rooms), but we’ll save some for later, eh?

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