Been e-ing back and forth with folks who’re smarter than I am…

OK, so that may be damning some fine folks with faint praise. heh. Finally seem to have open trackbacks configured so that they’ll work, tomorrow and Friday, when I’m one of those who are “up” for open trackbacks with the Open Trackback Alliance. The kludge I have installed is ugly, but functional.

The Open Trackback Alliance (better graphic coming, but look in my header mess for the graphic and link) is a fun group of bloggers with (mostly) similar (semi-twisted, for some of us) views on lots of things, and with wildly divergent views on other matters.

Matters not. Gonna be some fun.

Oh, maybe more fun than I’d planned, cos my broadband ISP is currently *non compos mentis*. I say that because not only is it down, but the techies have no real idea what’s going on.


Back on backup sllllloooooooowwwww dialup.

For now.

So, tomorrow: get ready for my first “auto-open-trackbacks” post. The rules will be simple:

Trackback to any “Open Trackbacks” designated post with ANY post of your own as long as you include a link to my Open Trackback post in the post you’re listing. Do so with as many posts as you wish to have linked on my front page.

All trackbacked posts will automatically appear on my front page, but they will not stay if a link to my post is not there!

Oh, there’s other fine print: spam trackbacks will be banned, material that is substantially offensive* to me may be openly ridiculed (hey! You can ridicule right on back at me if you want, ya know!). But if you’ve read this blog for any time you already know that.


Gonna be some fun, boys and girls!

UPDATE: Yeh, came back six hours later and… have a connection again. For now. Looked at logs and my email client had failed in polling my various email accounts no less than 10 times (about every 30 minutes), so was down a little over 5 hours.

Rabbit trail: Lovely Daughter just moved in to “her” new place—sharing a duplex unit with another young lady. No internet access, yet, and she’s feeling the deprivation. Sure, she heads out for “coffee” (no, for her a chai latte) or to a bookstore or some other place with a hot spot, but she phoned yesterday (lightly) moaning about watching TV and thinking, “Hey, I oughta hit IMDB and look that up!” and—right. No connection. Heh. Heck, she can’t even do a temporary dialup until she can start a cable ISp account. Both young women are cell phone only—no POTS line in the house.

Changing life. Internet withdrawal. I’m kinda glad I had a dialup backup, as slow and ugly as it was. Just think what I’d have been like without that.

Well, now to downstairs again to complete updating the fresh Windows install on the newly assembled machine. (Yeh: that’s what I was doing when my broadband crapped out. heh)

*substantially offensive… how to define…

I’m not usually offended by crude language. But I am offended by ad hominem attacks and other egregious examples of logical fallacies; posts that make no sense whatsoever may simply be humor, but in any case are fair game for mocking. (BTW, I am also slightly more than mildly offended by folks who mistake legitimate personal attacks for ad hominem attacks upon arguments made by people. Calling Jean Fraud sKerry a lying scumbag is not an ad hominem attack. It’s a statement of demonstrable fact. Saying that what he says is stupid or wrong because he is a lying scumbag is an ad hominem attack upon his arguments. But I’ll still accept open trackbacks to posts that don’t distinguish between the two. Yeh, I know: I’m the very soul of generosity. 🙂

BTW, thanks, Basil, for the Blogger Open Trackbacks post. Helped a lot.