I’m experiencing a small surge in readership (thanks all y’all who’re linking me, and those of y’all who are dropping by cos you’re searching for “Swedish pants” heh), so I figured this might be a time for the occasional restatement of this blog’s purpose and focus.

Let me dispense with the second part first: this blog HAS no focus. And that’s partly because of its purpose: to quell the mob of voices inside my head. heh

So, any reader to takes time to page on down this blog will find

  • personal events in my life/family life
  • political/social commentary
  • humor (though not always funny humor)
  • food blogging–recipes and experiments, links to, etc.
  • music, arts—featured clips and views and commentary
  • edublogging/ranting
  • random crap

And just about anything else that occurs to me.

As far as the political/social commentary goes, I’m a classical liberal conservative. (Don’t try to label me with one of the current political labels, please. Not even with the Libertarian label: the Libertarian Party isn’t libertarian any more, either.) heh Since neither the Demoncraps nor the Republican’ts represent either Liberalism nor Conservatism any more, I’m disgusted with both parties. The Demoncraps are determined to drive the U.S. off a cliff at 90mph, and the Republican’t are all to glad to follow, albeit with just barely enough heel-dragging to win my vote when it comes to a choice between the two.

Education, popular culture, the “arts” and media? Too late for any of them to be “going to hell in a handbasket”—they’ve already arrived and are dishing it out daily.


Despair is perhaps the most deadly of sins, so I rant, ridicule and argue.

Dylan Thomas was a fairly decent example (James Joyce is perhaps the best) of what was wrong with 20th Century “literature” but even a blind pig finds a few acorns:

 “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”