*”Cleanup in aisle two!”

As usual, Fred pulls no punches with Paris Burns

“What the French need to do, but won’t, is to send the army into the Islamic slums, round up the whole lot, and put them ashore on the beaches of North Africa with a box lunch and a coupon for three free Dunkin Donuts. It isn’t a pretty answer. It’s a lot prettier than what seems to be coming down the pike.”

BTW, a strangely relevant rabbit trail (cos Kit Jarrel—see below—used the term “Uffda” to refer to the French mess):

It was the summer of 1978 when I leaned the difference between “uffda” and “feeda” (sp?). In Albert Lea, MN to meet the family of my “then” lovely bride-to-be (bride, 27 years ago, this month :-), and we went to see a movie together one afternoon–she, her brothers and sister and I.

Walking out afterwards, I saw one of a coupla of guys ahead of us point out some gum on the pavement with a warning “Uffda!” to his friend. The other guy didn’t see it in time, so he stepped in it, lifted his foot and said, “Feeda!”

From that time forward, I’ve known the difference between these two barnyard-originated terms: it’s uffda if you see it, but it’s feeda if you step in it…

France has stepped in it. (And is now in “it” up to its neck, it appears… )

There’s plenty of “uffda” being spread by the MC/CD crowd here at home, though. I don’t want to wait until there’s nothing left but “feeda to have to clean it up, though.

(h.t. Euphoric Reality for reminding me to read Fred’s weekly 🙂

Oh, and I guess this is yet another partially Guard the Borders post…

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(More properly,  to head off attacks by berserker Nordskis—heh—a discussion of “uffda” and “feeda” from a more objective perspective:

“…uff Interjection: oo, oof, ugh; oh dear (often combined with da, ja, jo, nei); expresses unpleasant feelings, e.g., alarm, uneasiness, aversion, disgust; irritatation; regret…. A stronger interjection of ‘fy’ (ugh!, whew!(what a smell!);shame (reproach); ‘fy da’ for shame. …[U]ffda is not so much negative, as excessive. e.g. ‘Uffda, I ate too much!’ or ‘Uffda, look at that weird hairdo!’ Negative is conveyed by the word ‘Feeda’, as in ‘Feeda, someone threw up all over the sidewalk!'”

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