Whenever I have a visit from one of the Demoncrapic Underpants genetic experiments gone terribly wrong (think: loony left moonbat troll), I allow myself a small grin and think, “Loser.”
It’s easy on this day of the year to let that grin grow a little larger. Why? (Slap yourself upside the head, silly!) One year ago this lil accomplishment made it muuuch easier to grin and think “Loser” whenever a moonbat troll began barking nonsense:
h.t. for the link, Carol Platt Liebau
(Still, it’d be nice if the Republican’t congresscritters and the Bush White House would act as though they’d like, you know, won an election or something. As though, I dunno, they had a majority in both houses or some such… )
Linked at MOTWOT at Stop the ACLU and NIF’s Morning After.