(Talk about amphibolous… )

We all know as much of Jean Fraud sKerry’s history as he’ll let us (where are your records, John?), so recounting it here would be a dizzying task that contributed little to answering that mind-numbingly throbbing question: will he actually release his records before the Twelfth of Never? Let’s see… he was against the Vietnam War before he enlisted, then against it again after he returned. He was loyal to his “band of brothers” before he “proved” that loyalty by slandering them viciously. Jean Fraud then discovered he’d been a “hero” in Vietnam and had the (re-enacted) videos and scars (“See? See that scar right there? No not that one. That was when I nicked myself on a rose bush at age 5. This little bitty one here. See? Ya have to look real closely now… “) to prove it.
Besides his personal history, he’s been on every side of just about every political issue that there is… before he took the other side.
Hmmm…. since he voted to confirm Sam Alito’s nomination to the Federal bench in 1990, that means this time around he’ll probably vote against him. Before he votes for him… then votes against him again.
Kerry: the Platonic Ideal of the modern politician.

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