“There are probably about 12,000,000 illegal immigrants in the U.S. How do you round up this many people? How many cops would it take?”

Dafydd ab Hugh makes some troubling observations… and talks some hard sense about how we need to Guard Our Borders. On some minutiae, I can find points to quibble with him (processing 12 million illegals—or 20 million—for deportation need not “take more than 37 years” for example… still, I’d hate to entrench the bureaucratic army it’d take to do it more quickly *sigh*), but he has the broad picture roughed in well. Unless the U.S. does first stop the flood of illegals and then make a way for those who want to enter our country (or are already here, in some cases) for otherwise lawful and decent behavior to do so—and be assimilated into our culture!—we are in very serious trouble.

A fence and gates. Get rid of those who are here to wreak havoc in our society; expel those who refuse to actually become Americans and contribute to a healthy American society. Let me modify that to “Get rid of those illegal aliens… ” since otherwise the statement above could as easily apply to Teddy Kennedy, Jean Fraud sKerry and their ilk. heh.


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