“Testing… testing… 1… 2… “

Lovely Daughter just brought me this. She’d been checking a friend’s Xanga notes (the friend attends the church noted in the article below) and found this.

A good argument for having trained sound techs and better mic-ing.


The site linked above requires registration, so here’s the meat:

WACO, Texas – A pastor performing a baptism was electrocuted inside his church Sunday morning after grabbing a microphone while partially submerged, a worker at the church said.

University Baptist Church Rev. Kyle Lake, 33, was standing in water up to his shoulder in a baptismal when electrocuted, said Jamie Dudley, wife of UBC community pastor Ben Dudley and a business adminstrator at the church.

Hmmm… another contributing factor:

“…doctors attending the service did chest compressions for 40 minutes before Lake was taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center.”

Looks like I’m glad I live in America’s Third World County™ instead of Waco, Texas. When my own Wonder Woman’s heart stopped one day seven years (three weeks and six days) ago, the EMTs were HERE in well under 15 minutes, and by the time 40 minutes had gone by, she’d already had another episode of SCD in the hospital… 15 minutes away.

He leaves a wife, three children and a grieving congregation behind.

“…we know that all things work together for good to them
that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose…”

Update: In comments, a virulent, pustulant leftist spews some hate, offering himself as an example for an expanded version of Michelle Malkin’s new book, Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild.

God must be punishing him. He must have been gay. (toad734)

I’m not giving the hatemonger any front page linkage… and if he wants to play this kind of game, he may discover that what he wants will give him a rash…

Yes, the left really is populated by people who openly slander and rejoice in the death of someone just because they are a Christian. Sounds kinda like an Islamic jihadist murdering savage, eh? At the very least, it seems “toad734” shares the values of those who celebrate whenever an Islamic jihadist murdering savage SOB kills someone who doesn’t share their moon god religion. Islamic jihadist murdering savage.

Sick bastard.