Excerpted from “Letter from A Young Jacobin”

From grade inflation…

Deliver us, Oh Lord

From the depredations of sports-besotted administrators

Defend us, Oh God

And remember education departments, their fads and empty promises

Smite them, Sweet God, in your mercy


PS—from the “Young Jacobin’s” own postscript:

“…if I were the head of a Committee of Public Safety for a day I would let lose the guillotines on every dept. of ed in this country (both faculty and grad students just to be sure) and burn every book ever written by someone with a PhD in education. It wouldn’t solve all of our problems I know, but a) damn it would be fun and just, a thousand times just and b) it would be a good start, esp. since I would only have a day.”

Preach on, brother, preach on!

(And were I Emperor of America, I’d appoint this “Young Jacobin” as “head of a Committee of Public Safety” for as long as it took to erradicate the breed of pestilence he rails against.)


edited to close that darned parentheses… *sigh* 😉