From the mouth of the jackass posing as the Junior Bloviator from Taxachussetts:

“We know next to nothing about the legal philosophy of the person President Bush has selected to replace Justice O’Connor casting the deciding votes on the most difficult issues confronting our nation,” said Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.)._1_

Say what?

This from a guy who promised last year to release his full military records—since, after all, his whole campaign was built on his “war hero” record—then said he had released his records, then in January of this year, promised once again to release his full records, and finally did release hi full records… to his biographer (who says he can’t talk about them) and a couple of sKerry-friendly media outlets that’ll only say, “Trust us. There’s nothing there.”

He says we know next to nothing about the legal philosophy of Miers. Guess he hasn’t read this:

Miers-rule of law

Meanwhile, all we know about Jean Fraud sKerry is that his record has “holes and gaps, lacks and losses, absences and insipidies and the like” which seem to emphasize—in the face of Jean Fraud’s on-the-record lies and slanders—that he is a lying S.O.B who crapped out and betrayed his “brothers in arms.”

We know where the B.S. is; where’s the beef, Jean Fraud?

No More sKerry BS_button

Note Cao’s information, her post today and the blogroll below if you’d like to gig Jean Fraud to release his records, as he has repeatedly promised to do.

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