For Guard The Borders today, I’m going to lean heavily on Daffyd ap Hugh…

In fact, if you want, you can simply skip this post entirely and go directly to this post on Big Lizards, page down until you get to his immigration comments and just read. As an intro to ap Hugh’s commentary, let me just say that while he endorses a “fence” or “wall” approach to guarding our borders, he has some interesting—no, important—things to say about gates, too.

A brief sample:

…America needs a constant influx of new blood, new ways of thinking, and new cultures… so long as the immigrants themselves are forced to assimilate. This is a point that Dennis Prager stressed with a great deal of vim (and volume). In a very literal sense, America was built by immigrants, but immigrants who had every intention of becoming Americans — not living as Poles, Russians, Chinese, or Mexicans in exile.

Our schools should indoct[r]inate both the children of immigrants and the native born in what it means to be an American — and why the immigrants left their home countries in the first place. Our civic, cultural, and religious institutions should echo, not fight this message. And the government should not merely encourage but require assimilation as a necessary condition to continued guest-worker privileges…

Just go there. A Feast of Talk, and the Law of Barriers

Guard the Borders… but make a way for those law-abiding citizens of other lands to become Americans, not just invade and set up their own ghettos.

(Hmmm… seems like we need to look at “allowing” some in academia, among the Mass Media Podpeople and others to learn how to become Americans, too… )

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