Feelin’ a little Italian, today, but please don’t tell on me, ‘K?

Blogger doesn’t “do” open trackbacks. In fact, without such as Haloscan, blogger doesn’t do trackbacking at all.  Basil has done a yeoman’s work explaining a kludge that allows a sorta open trackback post on Blogger, but I’m not going there Too much like work for my taste (I do this to amuse the voices in my head, not as work. Heh).

That said, this is an “Open Trackback” post, anyway. Nah, it’ll not an automatic open trackbacking kinda thing. But it’ll be real. Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Select one of your posts from this week that you want to have the extra attention both of my regular readers (heh) are capable of lavishing on links they notice here.
  2. Put a link to my blog (this post or any other) somewhere on that post, then post a trackback to this post.
  3. I’ll check back here periodically and re-edit this post to pull your trackback onto my front page, so your link will be there for both of my regular readers and for link-hunting scripts to find (for technoratti or TTLB Ecosystem to find, for example).

Oh, and I ALWAYS visit blogs that trackback to me. Well, unless I miss their trackback. I’m only human, despite what my Wonder Woman says.

Other blogs doing open trackbacks:

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Oh, yeh: gonna also try Blogger’s “Backlinks” thang to see if it’ll be any help here at all, at all.

TMH’s Bacon Bits tracksback with:

Advice, Consent, and Political Hay Excerpt: Should the Senate reject presidental nominees to high court for simply any reason at all? Or, does the “Advice and Consent” clause imply that there must be specific and serious reasons?

Don Surber tracksback with:

Iraqi Semper Liberi
Excerpt: News Busters says the media ignores the good news in Iraq. Not me. Here is today’s column in the Saturday Gazette-Mail…

Diane, of the eponymous Diane’s Stuff tracksback with:

Blogging Blind Excerpt: How in the world does someone who is blind operate a computer, and do blind people blog?

heh. Missed one late yesterday. MacStansbury trackedback with OPEN TRACKBACKS