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And thanks also to Blonde Sagacity (and to SWWBO 😉 for this week’s themed Carnival of the Recipes—Pork: The Infidel Meat

Infidel Casserole

In recognition of “the religion of peace” I’m eating as much ham and other pork-based products as possible during Ramadan. (Hey, if Muslims were serious about this “religion of peace” thing, they’d at least ostracize the barbaric savages who commit mass murder and other atrocities in the name of Islam.)

Enough of the politics. On to Ham and Potatoes (or in this case, piling injury onto insult, SPAM and potatoes).


  • 6 potatoes, sliced (NOTE: Since I’m lazy, that’s six moderately small potatoes, to fit in the feed tube of my food processor. I love my chef’s knife, but more than a few thinly sliced potatoes is asking too much of me 🙂
  • 2 cups shredded cheese (your fav, just so long as it melts well)
  • 1 medium yellow onion, diced and sautéed
  • 1 clove garlic, minced and sautéed
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 can SPAM, sliced thinly or diced, small chunks

Cooking the stuff:

In a crockpot, layer the ingredients, potatoes, onions (the garlic’s already well-mixed with the onions from the sauté-ing, I hope :-), SPAM and cheese in thin layers. Top with the mushroom soup.  Cook on low until the potatoes are done. Variations: a can of Rotel™ tomatoes and chiles or just a can of green (annaheim) chiles, chopped (can also roast green annaheims, then peel and chop them). Also, a couple of dashes of Chinese Five Spice don’t hurt this dish any.NOTE: I was reminded last night as we ate this that a special step was left out above: a grind or three of pepper on every layer of potatoes/onions/cheese. It makes a big difference. Oh, and Romeocat asked about baking this dish: great! 325-350 degrees for an hour ought to do it. It’ll have a different texture and need more watching than a crockpot, but just as good–maybe better.

Of course, any previously cooked ham could be substituted for the SPAM.  But if I were to entertain any Muslims during Ramadan, I’d serve ‘em SPAM.

Unless they had turned in some imam for inciting violence in the name of islam. Then they’d get some respect. (OK, I guess I haven’t had enough of politics.)

‘Nother update: What would a SPAM recipe be without The Spam Song?

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Note all the updates and additions–credits to Beth and to ALa and Diane… Also the Free Piglet! graphic found at Blonde Sagacity and, of course, the Spam Song.

Of course, I was ahead of the curve on this whole theme (see here). heh