[Here’s a retread from May 2005 that approaches the problem of guarding out borders from a slightly different, uhm, angle.]

In the never-ending search for the best way to protect our borders, the U.S. government has explored many options for sealing our borders.
Some  of the earliest leaders in the race emerged from the idea of adapting proven technologies from the food service industry.
seal borders01

seal borders02
Field Wrap

Those proved impractical for various resasons, but our intrepid leadership was not deterred. Rapid advances in new technologies showed some promise.
seal borders03
Force Field  

Finally, congresscritters and their ilk decided the best method would be to simply require citizens to meet the ravening hordes, bowing and scraping in efforts to serve their every whim… while remaining bowed to serve the perverse desires of congresscritters from behind…
seal borders04
“May I serve you?” 

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Note: with the rare exception such as Tom Tancredo (congressman from Colorado), the snark above is an example of taking illegal immigration more seriously than our esteemed cpngresscritters do. For more sober takes on the issue, see Kit Jarrel’s Guard The Borders Blogburst post today, or perhaps THM’s Bacon Bits’ post, “Guard the Borders: Fixing a Broken System”. Or, CLICK on others in the blogroll to check out what folks are discovering/saying.

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