It’s been months… I thought these things had died out…

But then, just yesterday, doing an introspective retrospective (yeh, I just wanted to say tht), I recalled the spate of memes I was tagged for a few months back.

Well, the tagging thing is back… and Romeocat  tagged me for this one: Five Things About Five Things

Five things I plan to do before I die:

  1. Sleep through at least one whole night. heh
  2. Learn patience. Like now, OK?
  3. See some grandkids. Preferably my own.
  4. Fly. Ultrtalight will do.
  5. Finish this house (no, really! I do plan to… )

Five things I can do:

  1. Make anything I can “draw out” in my head.
  2. Play some musical instruments
  3. Write music
  4. Fix most mechanical or computer things
  5. Cook

Five things I can’t do:

  1. Be a woman. (Or understand them 🙂
  2. Drive behind slowly moving roadblocks (Park it off the road to count your cows, Jasper!)
  3. Speak gently to a jackass
  4. Lose those last few pounds (apparently)
  5. Run a marathon (unless perhaps I got new knees 🙂

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex:

  1. It’s the eyes, baby…
  2. A genuine smile
  3. Intelligence
  4. Good legs
  5. Reminds me in some way of my Wonder Woman (all the above plus any of her characteristics)

Five things I say a lot:

  1. “Nothing is an awe-inspiring yet essentially undigested concept… ” and the rest of the P.L. Heath piece until I get the point across that “Nothing” is rarely an appropriate response to a query.
  2. Would you like an apple or cherry pie with that; fries or a shake?” (No, never worked at McDonalds)
  3. I’m sorry. (Well, probably need to say it more often, especially after #1)
  4. Wanna buy a vowell?
  5. What was your first clue, Sherlock?

And here’s where I deliberately introduce a viral mutation in this “meme”—when you post your “Five Things” take the top name/link off the list of five below and add your blogname/link at the bottom spot.

  1. ArmyWifeToddlerMom
  2. Fuzzilicious Thinking
  3. Flight Pundit
  4. Cathouse Chat
  5. third world county

Then trackback—if you can–to the “meme” post of the person who tagged you to let ‘em know you high- (or low-) fived the thing. (If your blog interface doesn’t “do” trackbacks, you can get a free account at Haloscan or use the Whizbang! Trackback tool.) Not necessary, but a nice touch, I think.

Tag five. So, who to tag…

Christine of BTW, Diane of Diane’s Stuff, Rich of The English Guy, Mel of I’m Just a Girl, Dr. Phat Tony and Kat of Keep the Coffee Coming.  There, in case one just doesn’t feel like playing, I’ve tagged an extra. (But folks, don’t take that as an easy out. Even though I do have others I’d like to tag, too.)

Alpha Update: Rich gets to say “First!” 🙂

Beta Update: Mel’s on the ball, too… but I’d better watch my back for a while from the way she sounds. heh

Gamma Update: Diane has her 5X5 up, now, too.