Happy blogiversary to me.

Yep. On October 6, 2004, this blog was born. Typical “What am I doing here” first post. Take a few secs to go back and get a taste of how this third world county thing began. Ahhh, those were the days…

UPDATE: *LOL* So, I knew my blogiversary was approaching (whatever post someone made the other day that reminded me of it–can’t recall where–thanks). So, what did I do yesterday in prep? Last night I checked stats different places–Technoratti, Statcounter, Sitemeter and the TTLB Ecosystem. Neat. In the eight months since I started using Statcounter, it’s recorded over 20,000 unique visitors. Of course, it’s just counting cookies n such, so that’s just Kentucky windage. Sitemeter’s proportional to that, although I started it a while later when I put in the TTLB code. Technoratti showed nearly 800 links from over 200 different sites. And the TTLB Ecosystem showed 208 links. Went back a few minutes ago to copy off some stats to put in this blogiversary post and all of ’em were up some, except for the TTLB Ecosystem, which now shows me with 14 links. Hmmm… 208 yesterday and 14 today. Large Mammal yesterday and Adorable Rodent today. Maybe be a lotta folks delinked me since last night? No, Technoratti shows a gain of a few. Must be because TTLB KNOWS I hate being “adorable” anything. heh

Happy blogiversary indeed. 🙂

Oh, well, not in this for the glory anyway. Still just in it to silence the voices in my head. 🙂

UPDATE #2: OK, so this is weird. Honest: cos of upcoming blogiversary, I checked as per above. TTLB: 208 unique inbound links last night, 14 this a.m. Now? 113. (where the 95 or so missing links from last night went? I think the evolutionists hijacked them.) 1290 or something ranking last night; 4590-something this a.m. 1050, now. 16 “better” than William of Normandy’s date with history…

I’m sure glad the TTLB thingy is just for fun, cos it’s sure strange. Oh, yeh, I had the deal explained to me about why the TTLB server doesn’t know about my actual level of traffic, now. No biggie there, either. I rarely know what my stats are there, either. heh Both my regular readers know how deeply I care about high traffic. 🙂