Via Michelle Malkin, comes this lil bit on New Orleans conflicts. Heh, New Orleans: the entertainment capitol of government incompetents.

NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin and police superintendent Eddie Compass compounded the monumental idiocy of Governor during Katrina and prove that they are the gift that keeps on giving. After a press conference where Compass belatedly hung up his spurs, Nagin refused to answer questions, instead blowing off even email queries with

“No comment,” Nagin wrote. “The chief asks everyone to respect his privacy. He requested the press conference be held the way it was handled. He is a good man. Don’t mess with him!”

Good man.  Lousy police superintendent.  Gee, since he was taking money for a job he was incompetent to do (and thus did not do), he is a thief. That doesn’t fit with the average joe’s definition of a “good man,” but then Nagin’s a politician, and a NOLA politician at that. Taking the bucks for NOT doing the job just seems to be standard practice there.