No, really: get this book!

The FairTax Book

I have blogged elsewhere a couple of times ( _1_, _2_) about this book and the bill now in Congress that it details. I’ve also posted sporadically on the issue of taxation.

This book, and the bill it explains, answers almost all the issues I have with the taxation situation in the U.S.

The FairTax is NOT the “Flat Tax”. It is designed to replace all the federal payroll/income taxes you now pay (including Social Security and Medicare). More fairly. More efficiently. More helpfully—for individuals and the country as a whole.

And still fully fund all current federal government agencies and programs.

Check out the website for some advance info while you’re waiting on your copy to get to you from 🙂 And after you read your copy, consider signing up for one of the Fairtax mailing lists. The one for my home state has been a big encouragement to me, and a source of more information about how others are dealing with their congresscritters on this issue.

It’s time for taxes to be fair.


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