FWIW… eWeek reports:
More Security Holes Found in Firefox

Symantec reports that 18 high-severity vulnerabilities were
reported for the Mozilla browser in the first half of 2005,
10 more than reported for IE.”
Of course, that lil squib doesn’t necessarily address other issues. For example, the vulnerabilities found in IE are often more severe because of the fairly deep hooks Internet Exploder has in the OS (and the overall bloated, crappy browser implementation in Internet Exploder). Then, of course, there’s the fact that Firefox’s vulnerabilities are usually patched expeditiously, instead of at the nearly glacial “speed” Microsoft applies to patching IE/Windows vulnerabilities.

But who really cares? Opera had far, far fewer security issues than either Firefoxed or Internet Exploder. And patched them faster than either of the other two, as well.

Ho. Hum.