Sadly, very sadly, this is not shocking.

If the story (documentation at The Smoking Gun linked above and here) shocks you, you just haven’t been paying attention to this space’s occasional warnings that stupid people (school administrators-duh) are running public schools.

Oh, a preview of the link? How about:

“…Columbus, Ohio public school officials–found only that Wedgewood Middle School educators drank booze during the school day, got kinky with each other in the boiler room bathroom, and spoke about where to score cocaine….”

The ringleader of this lil coven of kink? The principal, of course. A principal who reportedly once told a teacher at the school, “she smoked pot daily en route to school because ‘I can’t stand those kids.’ ”

Yeh, well, that’s probably why she was a crappy teacher before she became a crappy administrator. (It’s natural selection, you know: those who can’t teach become school administrators so they can obstruct the efforts of teachers who can teach and children who want to learn.)

h.t. NIF