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Hmmm… I think I like this better than the embedding process I had to go through with, even though I had to come back and manually edit to add a title for the post.

Those of y’all who are regulars will recognize this file as one I posted earlier. Had it handy. Arr copyrighted 2003 DWN–if you hunt down my post listing and find it below, I think I posted a link (somewhere) to the words. 19th century gospel tune. Actually, this was kinda fun to do. I was on a music e-list where someone requested a copy of the sheet music cos an older saint in their church had asked them to find/sing it for her. Found the sheet music (tune/lyrics) and thought, hmmm… I think I’ve heard some of the old folks around here mention this tune. Sure enough, I had. So, wrote out/recorded this lil thing for them (and for the person who’d requested the sheet music) and that’s making a short story long.


A quick question: those of y’all using Internet Exploder (The World’s Crappiest Browser, as the title bar in myversions read :-), tell me, please, does this load without problems for you or not? One comment I’ve recieved resulted in my experimental loading of Internet Exploder (the World’s Crappiest Browser) to test it, and I had a very unsatisfactory experience with it. Just wanna know how it works/doesn’t work for you.