The FairTax Book

What else do you need to know?
Well, for more information, you can go to and even sign up for a mailing list focusing on your state to help you keep on your congresscriters’ backs… Plus, the FairTax site has a ton of info for you.
Basically: would you like to be able to still fund the federal gummint at its obscenely bloated level (thus keeping congresscritters, lobbyists—except for those lobbying for tax preparers and their ilk—and bureaucraps placated) but still not end up paying, as you do now, all the income taxes of every business up the supply chain for every product and service you purchase? That’d cut about 23% off the hidden taxes you already pay, BTW.
Would you like to take your WHOLE paycheck home? No more witholding at all?
Still not intrigued? How about no more IRS?
There’s more at the site and in the book.
Nothing will come of this if our congresscritters don’t hear enough buzz from the grassroots, so get the info, get out there and buzz! (Or, sting ’em come election day.)