Ahoy, talk like a pirate, all day long. Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!

Aye, let the trackbacks begin, gar!

Arrr, har’s one from Woody at Woody’s News and Views Aye.

Arrr, and har’s a new mate at Horizon Zero. Gar.

Aye, tis’ not piratical, but tis’ lootin’. Click o’er t’ Boudicca’s Voice t’ see what wasn’t worth lootin’ at Walmart. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o’rum?

Gar, and whate’er you do, be sure you don’t misst’ Pants Based Random Pirate Phrase Generator (PBRPPG) h.t. t’ th’ original “Talk Like a Pirate Day” pirate.

Aye, Christine o’ Mornin’ Coffee and Afternoon Tea chimes in with some pirate treats, gar! There’s me grog!

Kat, at Keep the Coffee Comin’, has the well-known (well, well-known t’ anyone who’s been t’ Disneyland or Disney World in the last 20+ years or so, Me imagine) Disney ‘ersion o’ Yo, Ho a Pirate’s Life for Me, up as her offerin’ for TLAP Day. Arrrr!

Arrr, Diane (at, uhm, Diane’s Stuff, o’ course) has her Talk Like A Pirate Day post up, includin’ a link t’ translate whole web pages int’ pirate-speak. (Gar, gimme my rum!)

Aye, well, although the posts themsel’es didna show due rev’rence t’ TLAPD, the comments sections for these posts get int’ the spirit at Dr. Phat Tony’s and at GM’s Corner

Yo Ho! And, o’ course, thar’s this post by The Dread Pirate Richard at Random Rambling (Aye, sorry it took so long t’ get the link up, bub. Gar, Where’d me bottle o’rum go agin? 🙂

Aye, trackback t’ this post (or any other “pirate” post) with yer own piratical fare, ‘n I’ll link ye up fore har. (Aaarrhhh, me parrot!) Fail t’ trackback ‘n ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty Arr.

Aye, ‘n for a little fun, me heartys, har’s a link t’ a pirate chantey for ye from Tom Smith:

“Talk Like a Pirate Day”

(Note: opens in a new window and plays with any properly-configured mp3 software.)