What’s the REAL reason the terrorists at Guantanamo are engaging in a hunger strike?

A Precision Guided Humor Assignment from the Alliance of Free Blogs

Yeh, minor Mass Media Podpeople-generated kerfuffle. It’s really so simple, I kinda hate to burst the bubble. *sigh* You see, someone finally slipped up and actually tortured some of the Gitmo detainees.  Yep. Showed a video of Michael Moore-on accepting an Oscar for his last “great” mockumentary to recieve a fraudulent Oscar (even the bowling was fake) and ever since, those who saw that face, that body, have not been able to keep any food down.  They’re losing sleep (it’s the nightmares), and becoming inexorably more sane.  Naturally, this has only increased their self-hatred and… now they cannot bear to do anything that would prolong their own existence.

For once in their lives they are doing the right thing. The only kind, decent, honorable thing to do would be to honor their desire to end their own lives by starvation.