In which Lovely Daughter encounters a Cluebat

The other day I was scrubbing a pan I’d thoughtlessly burned a buncha rice in. Took real skill. The rice-burning, that is.  Have some lovely cast-iron-core stainless steel pots n pans.  Heat the water (a lil less than for other pans), dump in the rice, twirls the lid, turn the heat down to nearly nothing and 20 minutes later, perfectly cooked rice.

Well, I’d done all but the last, turning the pan down, and left to run a short errand (cos food cooked in these pans the proper way just almost can’t burn). Been doing this sorta thing with these pans for more than 25 years, so no problem.

Except, I hadn’t turned the pan down… *sigh*

So, there I was cleaning the “blackened rice” off of this otherwise beautiful cooking utensil. [See the light bulb go off?] Dropped into the garage for a sec.  Picked up my cordless drill and a scouring disk attachment.  Back at the sink, whirring away.

Lovely Daughter sees me cleaning the pan with my drill. “You’re weird, Dad.”

Gee.  What was your first clue, Sherlock?