The Spaghetti Western all-purpose blogburst

The Good: Guard Our Borders

Minutemen help in Katrina relief by Filling Gaps in Border Patrol (Go Minutemen!)

The Bad:

Notice Regarding I-9 Documentation Requirements for Hiring Hurricane Victims (Hint: Homeland Security’s not gonna be requiring employers to check for green cards, cos naturally folks’d be too stupid to have theirs with ‘em)

And the Ugly: STOP the ACLU

ACLU defends foreign outlaws (. Yep, they wanna take your job, spread disease, and blow you up. For the ACLU, what’s not to like?

And the really yoogly!

Jean Fraud sKerry’s Green Card Still Missing: Kerry thought to be illegal alien from the Crab Nebula (heh—where’s your 180 info, Johnnie baby? Whatcha hiding? Free John Kerry’s 180!)

This has been a production of the STOP the ACLUGuard Our BordersFree John Kerry’s 180-Blogbursts. (So two of ‘em are late. *sigh* I’ll do better next time.  Stop with the rubber hoses, already!)

(OK, who’ve I forgotten? Oh, right: Madeline Kahn singing “I’m Tired” in Blazing Saddles. I knew there was something.)

[And my apologies for posting earlier with most of the links not included. Just saw my faux pas… )