Check Cao’s Blog for New Orleans: A Case of Green Genocide

(I’m getting Katrina’d out, folks.)

Of course, we know it’s not really genocide (yet). It’s merely “civicide”—the killing of a city, not an entire people.  But the point is clear: Greens value their view of what is “natural” over human life. Give ‘em enough rope: their goal seems to be the eventual eradication of human life, so that in the end, only “their kind” is left to appreciate “nature”. (Yeh, I did just imply that Greens aren’t human. Make of it what you will.)

It never seems to occur to greenies that human beings are a part of nature and that what we do is very natural, for humans. Yep. We can be destructive. But, as Katrina and other natural disasters prove time and again, so can other natural phenomena. We can be creative and protective too.  So can other natural events indicate some sort of creative direction and preservation at work.

I really hate to state the obvious, but here it is: Greens are self-made idiots. Very destructive, dangerous self-made idiots, as the New Orleans disaster demonstrates. (Of course, they had a great deal of help from lazy, stupid politicians and lazy, stupid Big Easy inhabitants. But that’s only natural.)