Bedfellows.  Now there’s an ugly picture. *Aiiieeee! My eyes, My eyes!*

Infamous “Attila-the-Hun right wing” bigot David Duke and darling of the leftist bigots Cindy Sheehan.

“Courageously she has gone to Texas near the ranch of President Bush and braved the elements and a hostile Jewish supremacist media.”–David Duke _1_ (The link’s to a secondary source quoting Duke, cos I’ll NOT give linkage to that racist bigot.)

Is that David Duke or Cindy Sheehan under that Klan attire?

Addendum: I don’t often bring comments out into the front page, but the following comment is such a perfect example of barking moonbattery that I feel it’s useful this time. Since the author of the comment was moved to state his “opinion” (yes, those are ‘scare quotes’—heh) so strongly, I feel he deserves to have his comment (and my reply honoring his crayon sketch transcribed from his tinfoil hat) made more public:


that’s rove under the robe…i realize that as a guest i must be polite, but have been truly hoodwinked. in bush you trusted, now we’re busted. these folks do NOT care about people at all..only egos and money
g babcock | 08.31.05 – 8:35 am | #


And, of course, my off-the-cuff reply to his barking:


baaaa-bcock: D’uh-ude, your meds need moderation. Seek professional help, quickly.

With such as you, it’s alllll about Rove. Saddam harbors al-Zarqawi, the first WTC bombers and Klinghoffer’s murderer? Rove made him do it.

bin Laden hates America and needs dialysis? It’s Rove behind both, d’uh-ude.

Golabl Warming? Rove.

Global cooling? Rove again.

Your dog is constipated? Rove, of course.

Cindy spouts the same virulent anti-semitism as one of America’s most despised racist bigots? Rove did it!

“A jug of Kool-Aid, a loaf of Kos and thou, moonbat, barking in the wilderness”

CinCin donned the Klan robes long ago with her Zionist plot ravings. David Duke has merely affirmed her membership in the “hate the eeeevil jooos” club.

As for who’s under the Klan robes pictured… well, the high heels are a tipoff: CinCin’s too ugly to pretend to wear such and Duke always struck me as a secret tranny.

Maybe you can go compare wardrobes (“Oooo, I like what you’ve done with the look, guys!”–g.b.) with David and Cindy while helping them make more nooses for the eeeeevil joooos.

David | Homepage | 08.31.05 – 10:39 am | #

Of course, my reply was also a meta-comment attempting to make it clear to the loon that “politeness” in “guests” isn’t necessary, but something approaching some minimally vague connection with real reality (not “reality-based” fantasy) is required.

I have little doubt I failed in that objective since I can only make the comment; I cannot give the loon the wits to comprehend it.

As an aside, the older I get the less able I am to under stand why people would “suffer a fool”—gladly or not. (heh) Maybe it’s just that I have fewer years left to waste now than in the past, though.

PPS: Cao also makes this point in a *ahem!* slighty more direct manner in a September 4 post. Good stuff, Cao.