Hey! Ya think the reason Jean Fraud sKerry won’t really release his full military records (as he has promised more than once to do) is because it’ll come out that he hired a “body double” to do his tour in Vietnam?

Yeh, it’s a stretch.  The guy’d have to be as big an ass as sKerry himself to have pulled it off, given the testimony of fellow Swift Boaters.  Finding two such puff-headed asses beggars the imagination…

Hey! Jean fraud! Free your records, bubba!

(Scairdy cat won’t do it, ya know.)

Still, as much as he has dealt in lies, damned lies and outright treachery during his public life (don;t even wanna think about his private life), it’d seem only fitting if this lil lie about him sending a hired hand to do his tour actually got legs, walked off this blog and developed a life of its own.

Won’t happen though, cos only two classes of people read this blog: the honest inquirers and the loony left moonbats, and each has their reasons (though one can respect only the first class) for not spreading such a canard.

Unless of course, plausible evidence could be found… *LOL*

Check out Cao’s Blog for a more responsible pillorying of Jean Fraud sKerry and for instructions on joining the blogburst.

As Cao says, “The more people we have, the merrier!”