About once every six months or so, I find it instructive to meander on over to D’underground to check up on how the psychotherapy is going, see if the right drug therapy has been found, etc. By the evidence of this thread at D’underground, therapy’s not going well. Not well at all.


I couldn’t find one single post by a D’undergrounder that showed evidence of as much intelligence as a head of cabbage has.  Not one.

It’s almost funny… yeh, funny like a train wreck. *profound sigh* Scary, as in, these folks can actually vote! Like giving monkeys the keys to Cheyenne Mountain…

Sad, really. I wonder, has anyone done DNA tests on D’underground to see if any of them are human? Ah, man! Now PETA’s gonna get into the act! (No, not People Eating Tasty Animals, the other one, you know the one with the terrorist ethos.)