Day eaten by locusts. Check these out:
Bou’s Carnival of Kids entry. Boys. Believe it.
Cao links to a post at Iraq the Model answering Cindy Sheehan. Powerful. I’ve kept my finders from typing anything about this tarbaby… GM Roper has a solid piece on the Sheehan brouhaha, too, as does the Progressive Conservative at Balanced News Blog.
R’Cat’s piece on a passage from Philippians could offer most preachers I know a lesson in sermon-writing.
Diane has a post about a doper mom. read it and comment.
For a change of pace, how about You’ve Got Mail?
The English Guy learned something new today. 🙂
NIF rounds up the usual suspects.
Oh, and more dog-bites-man yawners from Howard Dean. Will someone please check his meds? I mean, when wacko pronouncements like “women will be worse off in Iraq than under Saddam” are just more predictable wackiness, someone needs to up his LSD dosage.
There’s a lot more out there, of course. I just don’t have the time to deal with it today.